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Welcome to Christmas Wonderland!
 Boy Opening Gift

 Well, you finally made it here. This is the site to be on around the festive season. You'll find everything from yummy recipes to Christmas themed wallpaper here. Don't forget to check out the gift ideas section as well. 

Every year we come up with great new ideas for decorating (example, our led lights section) of our 10 Best Decorating Tips.  Ever considered one of those big inflatable airblown inflatables?  Some people find them tacky, we think they're wonderful, yep airblown inflatables all the way!

Our music section has links to some of the best christmas music sites out there. Around this time of year we always listen to some online stations, some are good, some are great, some aren't worth the time. Why don't you let us go through the garbage and give you some great hints on what's worthwhile.

Check out our trees section and find out how much fun it can be to cut down your own tree, family and friends make all the difference on this one. 

Fun and games has some simple, but stimulating online games . You're sure to find some which make you crazy!  You'll also find Christmas poetry and even the origin of Christmas Traditions there.

Shopping!  There is some great shopping and really good deals at our storefront.   You can buy with confidence, we're an associate of Amazon.com! 

We also have the Charles Dickens Classic (A Christmas Carol...not Scrooged) both in Audio Book and text formats.  The Audio book comes in mp3 and iTunes format.

Did I mention our wallpaper section?  We have some beautiful backgrounds/wallpapers and are always searching for more (and taking our own pics, just hoping they will turn out too).

Lyrics ,lyrics,lyrics...perfect for Christmas sing alongs...or to settle bets Laughing

How about some Christmas jokes ?  You'll find a few under the fun menu in the jokes section.   If you have one of your own, why not e-mail send it to us?


Enjoy the site!

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